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For 12+ years, I've been honored to lead sharp teams and design meaningful mobile and web apps for consumers.



In Brief

I’m a family man living in Nashville, Tennessee with my beautiful wife and three children.

Currently, I lead the User Experience Design (UX) team at Lonely Planet.

Previously, I've worked within Product Design at some of the largest and most pioneering companies in the world. A few roles included: Senior User Experience designer shaping entertainment and home experiences at Google, Product Designer at SmugMug making photo sharing simpler and more beautiful, and Lead Product Designer at Samsung where I worked on the next big thing in mobile experiences.

For additional work history, please get in touch and check the following links:

My LinkedIn 

Resume (PDF)



Methods I Practice


Research the user and all competition in the market. Identify the strategy and targets. Establish the goals for everything that follows.


Outline the principles. Work through interaction and visual interpretations that solve real problems. Prototype possibilities for testing with users.


Apply learnings and unify the entire experience. Iterate until it’s solid, then detail every moment in the user’s journey.


What I'm Best At

Creative Direction

Team Management

User-Centered Strategy

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Motion / Behavior



What Others Say

Craig is a rock solid UX Designer with a real sense for user needs and perceptions. He has an eye for the details, documents his work responsibly and is able to act quickly and productively even when schedules are tight. He has a particular talent for beautiful, clean aesthetics and is proficient and knowledgeable when it comes to UX standards and specifications. He is sure to be a valuable asset on any team.
— Paul Truong, UX Lead | Google
I worked directly with Craig on the new Google Cast SDK - of which I am the Lead Product Manager. He led our design concept and brought both strategic thought and amazing tactical execution throughout the project. His designs take into account future vision and roadmap. He interfaces tremendously well with engineering and cross functional teams and is an excellent communicator. He is an expert at working in multiple design environments and paradigms - including Android Material Design, Apple iOS, and web. I’d actively seek out working with Craig again - and if you’ve used Google Chromecast, Craig has had a major impact on your experience and what you’ll see over the next few years.
— Adam Champy, Sr. Product Manager | Google
Craig is one of the best designers I worked with in my nearly a decade at Google. Craig’s design chops has had an impact on tens of millions of Chromecast users world wide. He also designed a very fun retail demo experience that is deployed in ~1200 stores worldwide including hundreds of best buy stores in the US. Craig is a true design leader who is highly versatile in his design skills from visual to interaction to motion design - he is a master of all. He is great leader and knows how to build and lead design teams. I would highly recommend Craig and would not pass on a chance to work again with him!
— Jagjit Chawla, Sr. Product Manager | Google
Craig and I worked closely on a secret project that directly influenced the direction of Samsung’s mobile strategy. ..coupling his insight with his fantastic design skills we were able to deliver outstanding work that pushed the boundaries of interaction, visual and motion design.
— Joshua Bloom, Creative Director | Samsung Mobile
Craig steps up to the plate and has taken over on numerous occasions to deliver polished results in time, and on schedule. He balances his own leadership responsibilities with contributors on a project, and is very adept at communicating tasks, goals, and schedules with his team.. He is a strong listener, and highly effective communicator. Craig’s professionalism and energy for his work is a high mark for others to follow.
— Kent Oberheu, Designer | Apple / Samsung