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For the past 11 years, I've been honored to lead sharp teams and design meaningful web and mobile applications for consumers.



In Brief

I'm currently working as a User Experience Designer at Google.

Previously, I was a Product Designer at SmugMug making photo sharing simpler and more beautiful. Before that I was Lead Designer at Samsung where I worked on the next big thing in mobile experiences for the Galaxy and Note products.

Just before that I was Design Director for DSW Shoes, designing the brand's debut mobile commerce site and redesigning several large-scale applications for

From 2003 to 2008, I worked both full-time and as a freelance consultant for startups and blue chip brands in the heartland of the Midwest (where I was previously based).

Full resume on LinkedIn


Methods I Practice


Research the user and all competition in the market. Identify the strategy and targets. Establish the goals for everything that follows.


Outline the principles. Work through interaction and visual interpretations that solve real problems. Prototype possibilities for testing with users.


Apply learnings and unify the entire experience. Iterate until it’s solid, then detail every moment in the user’s journey.


What I'm Best At

Creative Direction

Team Management

User-Centered Strategy

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Motion / Behavior



What Others Say

Craig is an incredibly dependable member of any team that can always be counted on for taking the initiative to lead projects, bringing clarity to difficult problems, and prototyping early to test his hypotheses...Plus he’s just fun to have around too!
— Dan Simmons, Sr. Director | Samsung Mobile
Craig and I worked closely on a secret project that directly influenced the direction of Samsung’s mobile strategy. ..coupling his insight with his fantastic design skills we were able to deliver outstanding work that pushed the boundaries of interaction, visual and motion design.
— Joshua Bloom, Creative Director | Samsung Mobile
Craig steps up to the plate and has taken over on numerous occasions to deliver polished results in time, and on schedule. He balances his own leadership responsibilities with contributors on a project, and is very adept at communicating tasks, goals, and schedules with his team.. He is a strong listener, and highly effective communicator. Craig’s professionalism and energy for his work is a high mark for others to follow.
— Kent Oberheu, Designer | Apple / Samsung
I had the pleasure of working with Craig for three years. He is a forward-thinking strategist and designer..he balances the knowledge of and desire to be at the cutting edge with a sharp business savvy and, through keen observation, an understanding of the consumer. Craig doesn’t rest on his laurels and challenges himself and others to excel.
— Derek Ungless, EVP | DSW Shoes