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DSW Checkout

DSW.COM hadn't been reconsidered since its 2008 launch. Men's and Women's categories and product pages needed to be more discoverable and encourage quicker results for shoppers adding to their bag. My team cleaned up all templates and simplified the buying process and checkout portions for improved usability.


2010-2011  /  Creative Direction, Design



Making It Faster to Shop

Templates for landing pages were standardized with popular sub-categories driving to collections.

   The homepage before we began conceptual work.

Quick View Prototype

This preliminary model showed how we could keep the user in context of the collection while gaining more info about the product.


Final Quick View Modality

The finished product was almost identical to the model. The final result gave users a snappy view at details and quick way to add to their bag.


From Product Page to Checkout

A cleaner product page displays key stats and reviews. The user's bag and checkout were designed with a straight-forward scheme.




Tarrance Jackson – Content
Joeseph Madich – Development
Joel Wiegman – Development