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DSW Homepage

One of the first assignments my team had after I joined DSW was to reimagine the homepage.  We needed to spotlight promotions, trends, and key categories for shoppers in a bold new way.


2009  /  Creative Direction, Design



Starting Fresh

We constrained the project to the homepage as it was the driving path to our most high-demand categories online. The existing landing page (shown below) felt cramped and shy.

The homepage before we began conceptual work.

Elevating The Loyalty Program

Rewards were the most frequent promotion so we explored more pronounced real-estate for benefits.

Window-shade concept expanded to prominently highlight Rewards tiers.

Style Changes and So Does Content

Content needed to be dynamic and easy to swap out throughout the seasons, as well as adaptable to inventory.

A card-stack metaphor brought a dynamic spotlight to the homepage. Photo and message regions were modular for easy content swapping.

Pushing Scale

Many different layouts were considered.  We pushed the envelope with large content center-stage.

This was an alternative concept with extra-large photography and graphical categorization.

Where We Landed

We kept things dynamic and gave greater affordance to our promotions.  The format optimized page load speed and variability of content needs. Much of the format remains in use today.

This was the outcome.  Much of the format remains in use today.



Kyle Musch – Design