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As design lead of a special team at Samsung, I worked on next-generation mobile user experiences. Some of my work shipped in the Galaxy Note3 and Galaxy S5 software. And while I can't show or talk details, I can generalize the sort of work I did.


2012-2013  //  Lead, Design



Defining New Paradigms

The bulk of my work focused on the core OS of the mobile phone. This meant I was designing primary applications like content, messages, notifications, homescreens, and widgets. Additionally, the principle gestures for interacting with these facets.


We considered gaps in utility and visceral qualities we wanted in the experience. I helped the team focus on solving the stickiest problems.


Fluidity between the facets was crucial for the user's understanding and a premium experience. Therefore, we built dozens of motion studies like the one below to actualize characteristics before building high-fidelity prototypes. 


Sweating Details

Along the way, I presented the problem statements and approach we were taking to stakeholders and executive leadership. These details helped gain approvals, relay novelty, and facilitate the right discussions.


I oversaw and contributed to the entire production, establishing both the interaction and visual design of every touch.


Schematics were documented for cross-team communication.


Product Release Videos


Several of the products I worked on released as "My Magazine" and Settings of the Galaxy Note3 and Galaxy S5. Review the official Samsung promo and Android Authority videos below for a good overview of my contributions.

Please note I did not produce these videos