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SmugMug Hack

Every year SmugMug hosts an employee hack event. I took a vivid approach to storytelling using photo albums and smart system automation. This is a synopsis of the vision. The hack won first place and is still under development. Content was for placement only.


2014  /  Concept, Design



System Rules

I drew out the system rules and constructs that comprise the page layout. Variables were outlined to share how it all fits together.

   The homepage before we began conceptual work.

Visual Possibilities

I mocked up various content styles and layouts – all the while making certain they felt complementary to the photos.


Going Wide

I explored colors, typography, captions, and user customization.

   Window-shade concept expanded to prominently highlight Rewards tiers.

An Index To Match

The stories would be indexed on the user's homepage. I designed the parameters for how it rendered.

   A card-stack metaphor brought a dynamic spotlight to the homepage. Photo and message regions were modular for easy content swapping.



Jill Devries – Photography
Kory Westerhold – Photography
Brian Strong – Development