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SmugMug Mobile

SmugMug offers personalized online photo galleries. I was tasked with redesigning a new browsing app for iOS. I wanted the redesign and content to make an emotional connection with users every time they opened the app.


2014  //  Concept, Design



Establishing the Big Picture

After we worked out the users’ core intents, I mapped all initial workflows like the one below for high-level movement through the app.


Drawing Out Possibilities

Through the process and iterative reviews, I wireframed and documented screen architecture, visual designs, and all interactions.


Transitional States

I made a few motion studies to evoke the different feelings we could provide as users progress through their content.


Higher-Fidelity Wireframes

I crystallized screen contents with higher-fidelity wireframes as we moved through the process.


Visual Details

These are a few screens of early visual designs for the app.




Pablo Ceron – Product Management