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SmugMug Editor

SmugMug users wanted basic photo editing and the few existing capabilities were cumbersome. We built a unified suite of straightforward tools for bulk or single photo edits on the site.


2014  / Design



Framing the Beginning

I drafted several wireframes for contextual flow. The team and I explored various possibilities all originating from the product "organizer" and "lightbox" where users manage photos in SmugMug.

Click images below for enlarged view


Prototyping Early

I wrote a great deal of prototype-quality, front-end code to explore the wireframes further.


A Dynamic State

Earlier on, we explored the option of directly editing in the product's "organizer" interface.  I built several prototypes demonstrating how the user would make edits on their photos.


One Tool

We ultimately launched a powerful new editing mode. I designed everything to be extensible and work in almost all aspects of the system. Below are screens and components of the final interface.




Ivan Makarov – Photography
Mark MacAskill – Product Management
Dale Federighi – Development
Mike Diaz – Development
Dan Wieme – Development