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Lonely Planet is the world’s leading travel authority, helping people discover the heart of destinations. I led the product roadmap and user experience design team. We began with a platform redesign to more intentionally serve users across mobile apps and
••• 2017 •••


From app to wearables

Mobility is core to travel. And we were eager to extend our Guides mobile app (Editors’ Choice on Google Play and Apple’s App store) to wearables for travelers “on the ground”.

To meet a growing Android user segment of our app and bring relevance to a new platform from our seasonal partner (Samsung’s Gear S3 watch), we extended aspects of Guides with glanceability principles for a simple watch experience.


Nearby spots and lightweight actions

We designed straightforward display of top experiences, contextual to the travelers location. Selections are curated and can be cycled through by swiping the screen or jogging the watch’s outside wheel.

Watch app users get relevant info, access to saved places, and directions to “must see” points of interest.


Watch faces for distinguished travelers

A series of dynamic watch faces we’re designed for the watch’s idle state. Installable from the device’s app store. Each design utilizes location services and Lonely Planet’s adventurous brand ethos. Subtle brand cues echo across the set with destination photos, sun position, and ambient world clock.


Discovering, one neighborhood at a time

We found that neighborhoods have a huge impact on how people organize their time while visiting a destination.

Need to know info had to work harder at simplifying the areas within each city. To do that we designed tabulated sections in our Guides app that housed highlights, transportation, and budgeting tools.


Saving and sharing favorites

Our research signaled a spectrum of conventions for how and what people categorize in the travel mindset. We designed minimal list creation tools for users to collect, organize, and annotate favorite content on Lonely Planet. From themes to city specifics, we made the travel goer the author for their trip.


Spotlighting the best

A modular homepage was designed. Enabling editors to quickly change featured content and surface helpful lists and articles on the site.