SmugMug is a leading photography platform for consumers and professionals to host, manage, and sell images through. I was part of the team that helped completely redesign the tools and overall marketing for a product rebirth of this industry favorite.
••• 2014 •••


Beginning with prototypes

SmugMug users needed to do basic editing on their galleries and the few existing capabilities were extremely cumbersome. I drafted several wireframes for contextual flow early in our design process.

The team and I explored various possibilities all originating from the product "organizer" and "lightbox" where users manage photos in SmugMug. I built several prototypes demonstrating how the user could directly make edits.


A new edit mode

We built a unified suite of tools for bulk and single photo edits on the site. I designed everything to work as part of a new foundational design system for the product.


Extension into marketing

To support the new and improved platform, I designed a series of templates highlighting the product and it’s benefits. My time was spent on branding, communications, and extension of the new look and feel into marketing channels.