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Twitter - Concept

As an everyday user of Twitter, I saw opportunities to improve content legibility. This was my vision for a cleaner home timeline in the Twitter app.
••• 2015 •••


Starting with sketches and evaluation

I noticed how noisy my feed was becoming in the current app. It was increasingly harder to keep a pulse on the topics I cared about; and the purpose of each Timeline type (i.e., Home, Discover, and Activity) were difficult to understand and use. I wanted to swiftly improve the app experience on iOS specifically.


Redesigning the timeline and content readability

I rethought the primary navigational model for centralized activity and Search.  This keeps the main usage in the Timeline and secondary functions always at your thumbs or a simple filter away. I cleaned up content display for better reading and made actions accessible using simple gestures.


Prototyping flow

This is an interaction demo I built to evaluate user movement through various tasks (e.g., browse, reply, and favorite). This does not include all possible paths the user may take, but it provides a firm grasp of the foundation.


More to Consider


There is more to examine. For example, should conversations be more visually distinguished in the Timeline? Should mentions and other system messages be rolled into a single notification center for the profile?

Twitter can be a beautiful and easy-to-read experience on iOS if the Timeline can be cleansed. This concept brings intentional topic/interest engagement to a central Timeline – something I believe Twitter really needs.