Samsung - Galaxy

As design lead of a special team at Samsung, I worked on next-generation mobile user experiences. My work shipped in the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy s5 software. And while I can't show or talk details, I can generalize the sort of work I did.
••• 2013 •••

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Defining new paradigms

The bulk of my work focused on the core OS of the mobile phone. This meant I was designing primary applications like content, messages, notifications, homescreens, and widgets. Additionally, the principle gestures for interacting with these facets.


Considering movement

I helped the team focus on solving the stickiest problems. Fluidity between the facets was crucial for the user's understanding and a premium experience. Therefore, we built dozens of motion studies to actualize characteristics before building high-fidelity prototypes.


Sweating details

Along the way, I presented the problem statements and approach we were taking to stakeholders and executives. These details helped gain approvals, relay novelty, and facilitate the right discussions.

I oversaw and contributed to the entire production, establishing both the interaction and visual design of every touch.


#1 selling smartphone in the world

Several of the products I worked on released as "My Magazine" (a personalized news and interest feature) and Settings of the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5. These functioned as default experiences on the phones and we’re announced at Mobile World Congress with other flagship rollouts.